They tried to stop Donald Trump in the primaries. Old story.

They tried to stop him on Election Day. Everyone knows how that turned out.

With Trump in the White House and their options dwindling, the president’s opponents finally tried to #StopTrumpWine.

Want to guess how that’s going?

To be fair, the National Organization for Women’s public shunning of a beloved regional grocery store that carries Trump-branded wines is just one of many boycotts nationwide.

One that happened to fail spectacularly.

“The Gates-based grocer said that nine of its Virginia stores had sold out of the Trump-branded wine despite efforts to boycott the product and Wegmans for selling it,” the Democrat & Chronicle reported Friday.

Just a few days earlier, The Washington Post’s Abha Bhattarai reported that hundreds of National Organization for Women members had started pressuring Wegmans to drop the product.

A spokesperson for the grocer protested that it had been selling the vintage long before Trump bought it (“It’s a Trump deal!” the future president said in 2011) and gave it to his son to manage.

But the boycotters do not make exceptions.

Wegmans ended up on the #GrabYourWallet campaign’s list of companies to blackball until they stop selling the Trump brand.

“I personally will not shop there,” Terry O’Neill, president of the women’s group, said in response to her members’ boycott.

Almost immediately, skepticism bubbled up in the wine aisles.

“This makes me want to dig in my heels, stand firm and buy Trump wine,” a shopper told USA Today.

Trump boycotts tend to go one of three ways:

The product’s sales might plummet, as happened to Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

Sponsors might run for the hills, as Kawasaki USA did from Trump’s old show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Or, the opposite.

Although her apparel line cratered under a similar boycott, Ivanka Trump’s perfume shot to the top of an Amazon bestseller list, Amy Wang reported in The Washington Post. 

So it went with Wegmans, which rapidly sold out of Trump wine at every store in Virginia but one — where several dozen bottles of Meritage and Cru remained by mid-Friday, according to the Democrat & Chronicle.

It would be hard to call that a victory.

On the other hand, the boycott’s top goal is to stop people from buying Trump wine.

At Wegmans: mission accomplished. Until the grocer can restock its shelves next month, there’s none to buy.

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