Date, walnut, silan and sesame challah is one way to go. (Shulie Madnick/

The Jewish New Year 5778 begins Wednesday at sundown. Even if you’re not observing, it’s a good reason to bake a round loaf of challah. (Because really, who — barring dietary restrictions, of course — doesn’t like challah and its promise of the best French toast from leftovers?)

To figure out which type of challah will work best for you, take our short personality quiz.

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There is one cookie left on the tray. Do you take it?

Yes, but only because I forgot my lunch.

No, I'm not a monster.

Depends, are they whole-wheat?

Nah, I already stashed a few in my bag.

Yes, someone's gotta do it.

Yes (especially when no one is looking).


Your best friend's birthday is next month. Which of the following best applies?

I'll plan something last-minute and it will be awesome.

I'm thinking something murder mystery-themed.

Oh good, now I can make that carrot cake recipe I've been wanting to try!

We're all going to his favorite dive bar! Picklebacks are on me.

Yeah, I know. I booked the party venue last year.

A few months ago, she mentioned that she really wanted to find a 1950s-themed dance party, so I looked up this great DJ and invited a small group of her friends.


What's your favorite drink?

Whatever is in front of me.

Anything from Barmini, the Aviary or Dead Rabbit.

Fresh-pressed juice, please!

Something bitter.


When I'm drinking alone, a simple cocktail or glass of red wine. When I'm out with friends, a beer.


It's the weekend. What are your plans? 

I'll see what I walk into.

I'm off on a quick trip to New York where I'll see a show, visit MoMA, catch up with friends from school, stroll through Central Park and check several restaurants off my list.

Teaching a yoga glass and finally perfecting my iced tea recipe.

Eating at a secret restaurant my friend told me about, maybe catching a punk show.

Going to Seattle. I've had this trip planned for months.

Going on a hike with a few friends on Saturday, taking it easy and cooking a few things for weekday lunches on Sunday.


Pick the word that you identify with most.







(Shulie Madnick/

If you’d rather see all your options, here they are:

Fig, Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Spelt Challah, pictured above. The spelt flour adds a bit of earthiness.

High Holiday Challah. This bread freezes especially well.

Date, Walnut, Silan and Sesame Challah. A combination of plump Medjool dates, date molasses and walnuts makes a filling that is rich and surprisingly not too sweet.

Pain Petri (Anise-Flavored Challah With Sesame Seeds). This can be made, start to finish, in about one hour. Shape it round for the holidays.

Quince Honey Challah Knots. Individual rolls make a cute alternative to a large loaf.

Marzipan Almond Challah Crown. The filling keeps the bread’s interior especially moist without compromising its light and airy texture.

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