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National Chocolate Cake Day is coming up. You know what to do.

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National Chocolate Cake Day — which might just become your new favorite made-up holiday — is Jan. 27. But is it ever not a good day for a chocolate cake? We don’t think so either. Here are five of our best ones, from our archives. (If you want to sift through more options, then head right this way.)

Duke’s Chocolate Cake, above. Duke as in the brand of mayonnaise. If that grosses you out, remember that mayonnaise is mostly an emulsified blend of oil and eggs, a.k.a. ingredients commonly found in cakes. Plus, just look at how moist and delicious this cake looks!

Double Chocolate ‘War’ Cake. This one is made without eggs, butter or milk, but it’s still mighty tasty. (It’s also easy to vegan-ize — leave out the chocolate chips, or use carob chips or chopped up vegan chocolate.)

Triple Chocolate Bypass. The perfect recipe for people who aren’t really into cake. (We know you’re out there.) It takes a mere 15 minutes to assemble, but the four-hour, low-temperature bake delivers a soft, almost fudge-like consistency.

Mary Lee’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake. Because these two great tastes taste greater together.

One-Bowl Devil’s Food Layer Cake With Milk Chocolate Frosting. It may seem complicated, but this is a dump and stir, one-bowl affair. (This is also a good cake to make if you’d like to reenact the chocolate cake scene from Matilda, but in a nice way.)

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