Rob Kelley, Mason Foster and Montae Nicholson round out list for Sunday night's game.

The black-and-blue Redskins take on the highest-scoring offense in the league in prime time, where they often struggle.

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Oakland has two very productive wide receivers and a creative scheme in the passing game. But Washington's pass defense has been good so far this year.

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Final test for Kirk Cousins: Can he win when the going gets tough?

This season won’t be a smooth ride for Redskins quarterback; he can make a statement by still finding a way.

To Redskins’ o-line coach Bill Callahan, ‘every player is an investment’

Callahan felt the line underperformed against the Eagles in Week 1 but was pleased with how well the offense ran the ball against the Rams last Sunday

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How Jared Goff’s emergence may affect Kirk Cousins’s future

The Rams now seem set at quarterback, which means Kyle Shanahan is the former Redskins offensive coordinator most likely to chase Kirk Cousins.

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The Raiders have big play types on both sides of the ball.

The two high-profile free agent acquisitions discuss team chemistry and where players prefer to take hits. That, plus injury updates as the week ramps up.

The tight end was limited and practiced with the wide receivers Thursday. Elsewhere, Coach Jay Gruden demanded all Redskins receivers ‘return the favor’ and block for running backs.

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Back home after a trip out to Los Angeles, the Redskins aim to build on the victory over the Rams. But it won’t be easy. They welcome a potent Oakland Raiders team to FedEx Field at 8:30 p.m. Sunday on NBC.

"If you didn’t have a Charles Woodson jersey, you wasn’t cool in Seaside,” the Redskins linebacker recalls.

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Jay Gruden doesn't expect Thompson's role in the Redskins' offense to change despite the running back's strong start.

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Washington dialed up a perfect rushing game plan in the win over the Rams. Will this finally become a power running offense?

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