Upgrading the defensive line, finding a quality blocking tight end and adding more talent at the linebacker positions rank high on the team’s priority list, coach Jay Gruden said. But Gruden and his fellow decision-makers still don’t want to rely heavily on free agency to build the roster. The draft remains the preferred method.

“Both parties have to come up with something,” said the Redskins coach Wednesday while attending the NFL combine.

In evaluating their quarterback through every lens, the Redskins misread him in one key area.

Every quarterback would love to be insulted the way Kirk Cousins has

Yes, the Redskins may have bungled the process. But can we at least stop feeling sorry for the quarterback?

Stephen A. Smith says several Redskins accused Kirk Cousins of padding his stats

ESPN talking person offers the wackiest report yet about Washington's quarterback.

‘He’s the future’: Kevin Durant thinks Redskins should give Kirk Cousins a long-term deal

The longtime Redskins fan says the quarterback would play better if he didn't have to worry about his future with the team.

Now the team and the quarterback will focus on hammering out a long-term arrangement.

MAILBAG | The Kirk Cousins contract talks loom over everything.

Washington needs to beef up its defensive front, and the Michigan State Spartans could provide the perfect answer in the draft.

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Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has a very loyal following that has gotten louder with his on-field success.

During a 45-minute roundtable discussion, former NFL executive Joe Banner and former agent Joel Corry detailed why Cousins holds all the leverage in any contract talks and why the Redskins may already have no chance to sign the quarterback long-term.

Jay Gruden said in January that February would be a big month for wide receiver Josh Doctson, who missed all of his rookie year with Achilles’ tendon injuries. And as the month draws to a close, the Redskins and Doctson have received encouraging news.

To date, the team hasn't engaged in talks with any of its players with expiring contracts. But a lack of activity doesn't reflect a lack of interest, or that the Redskins are content to let all of those players test the free agent market.

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