It’s the second time in the quarterback's career that he’s won the accolade.

Washington needs a victory to keep pace in the NFC playoff hunt.

When the Redskins take on the Cardinals on Sunday, the quarterback will return to the site of one of his more-painful NFL moments.

Jay Gruden lights into the Redskins, who seem to need it

COLUMN | Coach’s tirade is a button to be pushed once in a season. How the team responds is now the question.

Redskins defense takes the blame for putting team’s playoff hopes in jeopardy

Arizona, like Dallas before them, scored 31 points Sunday, and converted in key situations.

Redskins lost to the Arizona Cardinals, 31-23

The Washington Post's Scott Allen and Keith McMillan break down the Redskins' loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Redskins coach said tight end missed a second straight practice because of his separated shoulder.

Tight end Jordan Reed remained sidelined as the Redskins returned to practice Wednesday following Tuesday's day off.

The Redskins will travel to Arizona to face the Cardinals in an important NFC wild card matchup.

Defensive lineman added from practice squad, and long snapper let go, suggesting long snapper Nick Sundberg is healthy.

The Redskins mixed up their tactics trying to get after the quarterback against Dallas, but to no avail.

Mike Jones answers readers' questions about Kirk Cousins’s earning potential, the futures of some of his teammates, and performances thus far.

Only five weeks remain in the season, but don’t look for Redskins players to start scoreboard watching.

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