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These are the three one-on-one matchups to watch closely Sunday.

Washington Coach Jay Gruden says Williams, the team's star left tackle, is “week to week.”

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Here are the top takeaways coming out of Wednesday’s practice and locker room availability at Redskins Park:

Redskins still stewing over Kirk Cousins’s disputed intentional grounding penalty

A pivotal and controversial call cost Washington dearly against the Saints.

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What’s left for the Redskins? Only the future direction of the franchise.

Over the final six games, Washington players and coaches can show what they really are.

Kirk Cousins takes you inside his brain before that intentional grounding penalty

The Washington quarterback explains just what went wrong on Sunday's most baffling play.

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The defense needs to shape up, the offense faces key questions. Who needs to bounce back or break through for Washington to get the win?

In need of another running back, Washington signed former Oregon product Byron Marshall to replace Kelley.

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Can the Redskins get back to .500 with a win over the Saints? That question answered and more in the mailbag.

Grant never returned to the game after he was hurt in the first quarter.

Williams started and played every snap of Sunday's loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

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The Redskins take on the Vikings, another formidable foe, particularly on the defensive side of the ball.

Here are the top takeaways coming out of Friday's practice and locker room availability at Redskins Park.

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