Four days before his first NFL game, rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III stayed late on the practice field at Redskins Park, throwing passes to wide receiver Pierre Garcon after Wednesday’s practice was finished.
   Griffin and Garcon were among the final five Washington Redskins players on the field, along with reserve quarterbacks Rex Grossman and Kirk Cousins and tight end Logan Paulsen.
   Griffin said he’s excited about Sunday’s season opener in New Orleans and recognizes that the time for him to begin to deliver on his considerable promise has arrived.
   “I do feel different… It’s real… Stuff counts,” Griffin said.
   Griffin said he will have 30 to 50 family members inside the Superdome for the game–although he will only be paying for seven of them, he said. Both of his parents are from New Orleans. He attended Saints games in the past, he said, and is pleased to have his first game in a city that means so much to his family.
   “I love it,” Griffin said.
   Griffin said he’s been told by Redskins coaches to keep his mind clear and has been advised by veteran NFL quarterbacks not to try to do too much in his debut game. He said he will do all he can to keep his nerves under control.
   “I have to stay calm,” Griffin said.


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