So it’s Haiku Tuesday on the Insider. As well as Troll Tuesday. And also Throw Some Things Out There And See What Sticks Tuesday.

In this morning’s grab bag of topics, I got to thinking about making this an RGIII-free post. Because, you know, there are 52 other guys on the team, and at a certain point, what can I write about the guy that Dave Sheinin or Jason Reid or Mike Wise hasn’t written? And that thought begat a poll. Because I’d have to assume, after Sunday in New Orleans, that RGIII is more or less everybody’s favorite player on the Redskins right now.

Take him out of the equation though. And remember that, as of now, Chris Cooley isn’t on the team. Who then is your favorite?

I’d guess the next most popular Redskin is 37-year-old heart of the defense London Fletcher, followed by young pass rusher Brian Orakpo. Maybe someone could go for Santana Moss, DeAngelo Hall or Ryan Kerrigan; those are the five names I put in the poll.

Of course, as favorite players go, we all have our quirks. Forced to choose, I’d say my favorite Redskin is Pierre Garcon. But I have a longstanding obsession with Division III football, which Pierre took by storm in the mid-2000s. I was completely sold on Garcon when I saw this ridiculously athletic play (skip to the 8:20 mark, unless you have eight minutes of your life to burn watching him run past D-III DBs). Redskins fans might first remember him from this catch with the Colts. Whatever the case, I’m bullish on Garcon in fantasy, and I root for him because he’s D-III. (Now’s probably a good time to mention I’m on Twitter at @D3Keith, since some of you asked). You’ll grow to love him, if you don’t already after that 88-yard TD catch.

As far as other Redskins you could have a thing for, Silverback could be a candidate. Fred Davis, if you like touchdowns and courtroom comedy. DeAngelo Hall has been a stand-up guy during a lot of the bad seasons, taking questions from the media after losses, but I can’t tell if he’s well liked. The ship seems to have sailed on Brandon Banks. Could your guy already be Alfred Morris, Evan Royster or Roy Helu?

I know this isn’t gripping analysis, but share your favorite Redskin — Griffin aside — after Sunday, in the comments.

The ways we watch

I’m in the office on Sundays, and since we’re surrounded by TVs with plenty of games on, I’m not complaining. But at the same time, it’s work, so I don’t get to kick back in the man cave with a drink in my team-colored skivvies. This makes me a DVR NFL-watcher, and since I’m a DirecTV subscriber, I’m pretty thrilled about this feature they added to my Sunday Ticket package this year called Short Cuts, which allows you to re-watch any NFL game in 30 minutes. They cut out all the fodder and just show the action. Until I found they were adding that to the Ticket free of charge, I was all set to order the Game Rewind with the all-22 coaches footage.

Anybody out there use either of these features? What are your feelings on them after Week 1?

And while we’re on the topic, everyone seems to have a preference when it comes to DirecTV, Verizon FIOS, Comcast or whatever other ways there are to watch the game. Besides actually being there. Some people love the Red Zone Channel where you see all the scoring plays from around the league. Some like that 8-screens-on-1 deal, although it’s too much going on in too small a window for me personally. Some people like to have a plate of wings and watch the game at a sports bar, and others like it silent in their house with nobody in sight, so they can yell at the TV and throw remotes as they see fit.

What’s your Sunday game-watching ritual? What’s your preferred TV provider? I’ve moved a couple times in the past few years and had the opportunity to have FIOS and Xfinity, and I still swear by DirecTV, if for no other reason than customer service. I have to have the Ticket because I don’t like trying to remember which games are on when, although I’m probably wasting my money, since I’m always at the Post. In the end, the offerings are all pretty similar, which is why the Short Cuts and the all-22 footage intrigue me so much.

Eager to hear your thoughts on what’s the best deal and Sunday setup.

Snap counts

Speaking of advanced offerings, the NFL is publishing snap count data this year, which is a great way for die-hard fans to look further down the roster to see which fringe guys are getting burn, and what the rotations are like at certain positions. Frankly, Football Outsiders seems to present the data in the best way, so I’d look at it there if I were interested, but here are a couple of things we can get out of the Redskins’ numbers:

— Fletcher never comes off the field on defense, which is far from a shock. But Hall, Josh Wilson, Madieu Williams, Perry Riley and Kerrigan also played all 75 defensive snaps, and DeJon Gomes played 73. Orakpo played 69.

— Niles Paul, Darrel Young and Reed Doughty played 27 special-teams snaps, while Lorenzo Alexander and Rob Jackson played 26. Those are basically your core special teamers right there, on all of the major units (kickoff, kick return, punt team, punt return and the field goal/extra point unit) I assume.

— Third corner Cedric Griffin played 45 of 75 defensive snaps, which isn’t a surprise against the Saints. But if the nickel corner continues to play 60 percent of the game, you can trot that out next time you have an argument over whether you consider that a starting position or not.

— D-line snaps: Stephen Bowen 54, Adam Carriker 41, Barry Cofield 36, Jarvis Jenkins 25 and Kedric Golston 19. Backup nose Chris Baker was not active.

— Wide receiver snaps on offense (skewed by Garcon’s injury, so make of them what you will): Aldrick Robinson 67, Josh Morgan 58, Moss 32, Leonard Hankerson 10, Garcon 8, Brandon Banks 2.

— Everyone on the active roster except Kirk Cousins played. Another reason why you care about the inactives list on Sunday afternoons.

Hey, we made it through without gratuitous mentions of RGIII!

Floor’s yours.