Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III said the NFC Offensive Player of the Week honor that he earned on Wednesday had less to do with his individual play than the full team’s effort.

Robert Griffin III says he is unfazed by the attention he has received following Sunday’s performance. (Associated Press/Bill Wippert)

“It was more than just myself, so all the guys went out there and performed at a high level,” said Griffin, who on Sunday passed for 320 and two touchdowns and rushed for 42 yards. “It paid off for us with a win and another win, I guess, with offensive player of the week.”

 Since that game, opposing players, coaches and TV analysts have praised Griffin’s performance, and the buzz surrounding the quarterback has reached an even higher level.

 But Griffin said life hasn’t changed for him. He tries to avoid reading or watching reports on his performance, and instead focuses on improving his own game and that of his teammates.

 “I don’t think it’s just because of me,” he said of the hype. “I said it when I got drafted. They’re excited about this team and what this team has to offer. Defense played well, offense came together and everyone knows if they take care of their assignments, we can win. We’ve got the talent to do it. I feel good about the excitement of this team, and I think this team feels good about itself just with the way it performed last week, and we’ve got to continue to carry that on.”

Griffin became the first rookie quarterback to throw for more than 300 yards and toss two touchdowns and no interceptions in his debut performance. But he doesn’t feel additional pressure to match or top that effort.

 “Rex [Grossman] kind of told me after the game that I set the bar high, and I’ve got to continue to go up. But to me, it doesn’t put any more pressure on me. It just solidifies what I’ve always thought, that I can play in the NFL at a high level. This team can be successful with the coaches that we have and the players that we have. Everyone might not be high on everyone that we have, but we feel good about what we have.”