It’s Friday morning, let’s get right to it. I asked for contributions of two varieties, those taking a stab at Sunday’s games around the NFL — unique predictions — and readers’ hopes for the Redskins on Sunday — what they’d like to see the team do.

Here are your contributions:

Around the NFL:
“Andrew Luck throws four TDs and makes it back to back rookie QBs winning the player of the week.” — b. hunter

“Embarrassed by last week’s debut, Seattle QB Russell Wilson throws for 300-plus yards and runs for 100 against Dallas. His four TDs are matched by Romo’s four picks as Seattle shocks the Cowboys.” — Corkwriter

“I predict Seattle beats the Cowboys by more than 10 points on Sunday while Russell Wilson throws for 300 yards and rushes for 50.” — zjfr2

“In a five-point victory by Seattle, Romo throws an interception with 20 seconds left on the clock and practices Romoing.” — George Anderson

“After a nearly disastrous four-interception effort last week, Michael Vick throws four more interceptions, leading to the Ravens trouncing the Eagles, sending the Philadelphia franchise into free-fall as Andy Reid is dumped.” — Kevin Schoolfield

Wishes for the Redskins:
“Offense: Stop using the stretch play on third down with less than three yards for a first down. Having the running back turn his shoulder east/west with eight in the box is totally annoying to watch.
Defense: I’d like to see Brian Orakpo play out of a three-point stance more often. Haslett should devise a couple of schemes that allow Orakpo to attack the QB from the down stance. I’ll bet that his sack total would go up quickly and give opposing offenses a new wrinkle to figure out.” — Dave Selzer

“Showing last week was no fluke, Redskins offensive line again impresses. Alfred Morris breaks the century mark and an unhurried RGIII gets both Fred Davis (7-101-2TDs) and Leonard Hankerson (5-131-2) back on track as Redskins romp.”— Corkwriter

“Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo get one sack a piece, leading to a turnover and score.” — Kevin Schoolfield

“I would like to see Brandon Banks get five touches on offense.” — zjfr2

“First play of the game, 80-yard Pierre Garcon touchdown.” — George Anderson

“A huge dose of Fred Davis would be nice, say 100 yards plus and oh yeah, maybe some of that Logan P. guy rumblin and bumblin down the field, and a whole lotta Morris pounding the ball, and Helu on the receiving end out of the back field. Yeah!  That sounds GREAT!” — tomwc

“I’d like to see the Redskins lose the turnover battle, have Griffin play just an okay game and win by 20 points.” — b. hunter

St. Louis showed last week their defense is much improved, especially in the secondary. They also have a matured pass rush from both sides and a top-five linebacker clogging up the middle. Obviously, there’s a reason why Detroit just scraped by with a W last Sunday.
New Orleans had no idea what hit them that first quarter, but St. Louis will with tape. I think they will do the opposite this week. Set up the bubble screens and quick slants but stretch the field immediately and trying to catch St. Louis creeping up of the line of scrimmage to stop the quick pass attack. …
Defense allows 24 points or less, Redskins win 27-24 with Helu taking starting role on the stretch play Morris is not quick enough to execute.” — Alpo

“Rams try to contain RGIII in the pocket while luring him into mistakes down the field, while on defense working Steven Jackson in space and Danny Amendola underneath then trying to get behind the safeties. Despite a pick on the first series resulting in three points, RGIII proves a capable pocket passer while taking what’s given, and the secondary again proves just good enough for the win: 27-23. All rushing TDs, RGIII, Young, Royster.” — BrooklynSkins

“I’d like Redskins fans at the game to join us in a modified chorus of the fight song:

Hail to the Redskins
Braves on the Warpath
Fight for Ole DC!” — Steven Ferguson

If you didn’t contribute, leave yours in the comments below: