Robert Griffin III is tackled by St. Louis Rams safety Craig Dahl Sunday (Sarah Conard/Reuters).

Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III said Wednesday he absorbed a number of cheap shots during last Sunday’s loss in St. Louis, and called the game “unprofessional.”

“They were definitely going after me,” Griffin said.

Griffin acknowledged that he has a small frame of reference, given that he has played only two NFL games.  But he also said of the Rams, “They were doing a lot of dirty things…. The game was unprofessional.”

One Rams defender told him on the field he would be hit after every play, Griffin said. His reply was that he expected that in football.

“Some of the shots were cheap,” Griffin said.

Griffin’s comments Wednesday echoed earlier remarks  by other Redskins players and coach Mike Shanahan. Other players accused the Rams of taking cheap shots after plays and said the replacement officials lost control of the game. Shanahan said he’d never witnessed another game like it.

Griffin said he expected to be sore after the game but wasn’t.

“I’m fine today,” Griffin said.

Griffin also acknowledged that he used a plain gray shirt to cover Nike logos on his warmup apparel during the pregame last Sunday because he endorses adidas.
“There’s no way around that one,” Griffin said.

Griffin covered just the Nike logo on his pregame apparel before the opening game in New Orleans, prompting NFL officials to say they would tell him to wear team apparel while on the field. Nike is the league’s official apparel maker.


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