Trent Williams, right, blocks against the New Orleans Saints in the season opener

Washington Redskins left tackle Trent Williams said that he was determined to push through the pain of a bone bruise in his right knee and play Sunday in part to prove himself after the embarrassing end to his 2011 season.

 Williams was suspended for the final four games of the season after he failed multiple drug tests. He came back this season determined to display maturity and prove to his coaches and teammates that he can be counted on as a key member of the team.

Williams injured his knee two weeks go; he had trouble jogging and even walking Friday. But Williams managed to play Sunday, refusing to let the pain limit him. Williams said once the adrenaline kicked in, he didn’t think of his knee much.

 “I was somewhat proud of myself for fighting through that pain,” said Williams, who has missed two games in each of the last two seasons with similar knee injuries. “A couple years ago, I may have kind of wanted to shut it down and not play through that type of pain because it was a lot of discomfort. I was somewhat proud of myself for that part of growing up.”

Williams still moved with a limp Wednesday. But he expects to be fine.

“I was sore as bleep yesterday. But I’m good now,” Williams said.

 Williams is determined to establish himself as the franchise left tackle that the Redskins believed he could be when coach Mike Shanahan drafted him fourth overall in 2010. He said those expectations drive him, but that rebounding from the drug suspension motivates him even more.

 “That’s a driving force behind a lot of things that I do now,” Williams said. “I made a mistake and I kind of use it as a learning experience. Of course, I alienated my team for four games and wasn’t able to be there. I was a captain at the time, and that made me feel even worse. This year, I’m just trying to prove to them that I’ve grown up a lot and that’s not me anymore.”