Here are two thoughts to contrast:

Robert Griffin III saying the Redskins have a bright future.

Mike5790 in yesterday morning’s comments asking, “Do we all realize THIS IS the team we’re going to have as long as RGIII is QB?”

While you might be inclined to trust the quarterback of the Redskins rather than one of your fellow Insider readers on matters pertaining to the team, Mike raises some good points. The Redskins are hamstrung by the salary-cap penalties imposed by the NFL, the number of top picks they gave to the Rams in exchange for the pick used on Griffin, and the thought that Griffin could command an exorbitant salary once his rookie deal is up.

So just how bright can the Redskins’ future be?

If Griffin and fellow rookie Alfred Morris are already playing lights out, how much better can they get? If there aren’t many draft picks to use to improve the team, where is the growth going to come from? The development of players like offensive lineman Josh LeRibeus, or some crafty and cost-effective roster management?

I understand if you’re only concerned about this Sunday’s Falcons game. But it makes sense to ask the question while Washington is riding high, and its players are marveling at how everyone is contributing (which, admittedly, is the essence of RGIII’s comment) and how they’ll only get better. Is that enough, in your mind, to help the Redskins break through?

Or, phrased differently, suppose Mike is right. This team we’re watching now is basically the core that will be here for years to come, give or take your standard vets and your late-round draft finds. Are you encouraged by who’s on the roster now enough to guarantee an upward trajectory?

There are no wrong answers, only opinions on this one. Floor’s yours.