As we do on Fridays, let’s talk about what we want to see the Redskins accomplish against the Falcons. Sure, we know you want them to win, but how do you think they can be successful? What’s it going to take?

For me, they’ve got to get their best game of the season from the secondary. There’s no completely shutting down Roddy White, Julio Jones – who is expected to play – and Tony Gonzalez. But DeAngelo Hall and Josh Wilson had their moments in coverage last week, both good and bad. They were effective against Vincent Jackson much of the time, so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that they can handle the Falcons wide receivers. It’ll take some deep help from the safeties, who might also work against Gonzalez at times. But more than anything, a strong pass rush would set things in motion for the Redskins’ defense. The Falcons allowed Matt Ryan to be sacked seven times last week. Half of that would be a good day for the Redskins.

Offensively, keep doing what they’ve been doing. Ride Alfred Morris, and let that set up play action, bootlegs and creative plays for Robert Griffin III to connect with his best pass-catchers.

Roddy White is one of many formidable targets for Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. (Mike Blake/Reuters)

I know I probably hogged the two most basic theories this side of ‘avoid turnovers,’ so you might have to be creative with yours in the comments, but we’d love to hear them.