On a Monday after a game, we can break down dozens of things that went well and went wrong.

But unless you’re Billy Cundiff’s agent, the top-of-mind issue this morning has to be Robert Griffin missing most of the second half against the Falcons with a concussion.

He says he’ll play next week, but even if he does, it raises a handful of reasons to be concerned.

How worried are you … that it might happen again? That Griffin won’t play with the same fervor (though you’d probably be okay if he no longer played with reckless abandon)?

Sometimes as fans we’re probably too eager to draw concrete conclusions from random events. Do you believe RGIII’s injury was preventable? Do you feel vindicated for all the times you said he needs to be more careful?

Robert Griffin III It’s a sight that likely no Redskins backer wanted to see: Robert Griffin III banged up.

You can’t blame the Redskins for overusing him in this game — he had only one carry against the Falcons. Griffin probably could have gotten out of bounds instead of making contact with Atlanta linebacker Sean Witherspoon. Perhaps preserving himself is a skill he’ll learn over time. I was always amazed by former Indianapolis wide receiver Marvin Harrison, and the way he used to twist his body to only take glancing blows, or get yardage and get down at the right time. Quarterbacks can come into the NFL with a habit of fighting for every extra yard, but sometimes the smart play is to live to fight another down.

What say you? Not surprisingly, our scribes looked at it from several angles. The Post managed to cover the Redskins to the hilt while the Nats played a playoff game simultaneously:

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