Robert Griffin III after his injury (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

The NFL is likely to fine the Washington Redskins for the way the team released information about the concussion suffered by rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III during its Oct. 7 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, a person familiar with the situation said Sunday.

That person said it was not clear how much the Redskins could be fined.

A league spokesman said the NFL’s review of the matter was not completed and no decision had been made about possible disciplinary action.

“No decision has been made,” said Greg Aiello, the NFL’s senior vice president of communications.

The Redskins declined to comment.

The person with knowledge of the case, speaking on the condition of anonymity because no announcement had been made by the league, said a fine was “very likely.”

The person said: “The medical procedures were correctly followed. The injury update process was not.”

Both the timing of the Redskins’ injury announcement about Griffin and the language they used to describe his injury are at issue, the person said.

Griffin left the game with what was determined to be a concussion after absorbing a hit to the head in the third quarter. The Redskins announced that Griffin had been “shaken up” and his return to the game was questionable. They did not update his injury status during the game. Coach Mike Shanahan said at his postgame news conference that Griffin had suffered a concussion.

NFL rules require teams to provide accurate and timely information about injuries during games.

Fox reported Sunday that the Redskins are facing a potentially hefty fine.

Thom Mayer, the medical director for the NFL Players Association, said last Monday that the Redskins followed all medical procedures correctly in evaluating Griffin, diagnosing his concussion and removing him from the game. But Mayer also said the Redskins should not have used the words “shaken up” to describe Griffin’s condition.

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan defended the team’s actions. But Shanahan also conceded that the Redskins could have issued a follow-up announcement about Griffin’s playing status sooner and said the team will attempt to use different language in the future.