Much of my job on Sundays entails watching all the NFL games, rounding up the notes and details from around the league for the Post’s coverage. While I’m totally not complaining, that sometimes leaves me with little time to pay attention to the Redskins.

Sunday I got only passing glances at the game. One memorable moment was seeing Lorenzo Alexander snatch a freebie out of the air from Christian Ponder (and which Redskin deserves it more than him?). The other standout was Robert Griffin III, nursing a five-point Redskins lead late, turning the corner, staying inbounds and sprinting down the sideline in total exuberance, looking back to either find the closest Viking or to taunt him.

It was vintage RGIII, for sure. The reason you draft a guy with his talent. Would we also say it’s his signature moment to date?

The way I see it, there are only two other possibilities, the Saints TD that spawned Griffining or the final drive against the Bucs. Cast your votes below. If this highlight doesn’t get at least 60 percent of the vote I’ll be stunned, but I’m also polluting this highly unscientific poll by saying that.

On the heels of a win like that, there are lots of other things to talk about — the defense, the run game, the contributions of certain role players, what being 3-3 in the NFC East means right now. But come on, you’ve got a bonafide star. Bask in the afterglow a little.

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RGIII, off to the races. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)