There’s plenty of time left for the story of the 2012 season to be fleshed out, but six games in is enough time to draw some personal conclusions.

Given that nearly all of us came into the season with expectations about who’d be good and where the Redskins would struggle, how have those perceptions changed? Which player are you most disappointed in to date, and who have you been pleasantly surprised by?

On the disappointment side, Pierre Garcon might be a common answer, given the size of the free agent deal he signed, and the fanfare that affords. He also barely played in the opened against New Orleans, yet had four quick catches and a long touchdown, perhaps further raising the bar. He hurt his foot on that touchdown though, and really has never been the same. Is it fair to call a player who’s had something out of his control happen to him your disappointment? I suppose you could still be disappointed in the lack of production, or that the injury happened. One could make that case for Roy Helu, Evan Royster, Brandon Meriweather, Brian Orakpo or even Tanard Jackson then.

Of the players who’ve been healthy enough to play, is there an obvious disappointment to date?

There’s definitely a no-brainer on the pleasant surprise side. Alfred Morris being among the league’s rushing leaders means the team has hardly missed Helu or Royster or needed newly signed Ryan Grant. Morris’s hard-running bowling-ball style is the kind that wins fans over, as does an unassuming persona.

But beyond Morris, how about offensive line for the most pleasant surprise, particularly tackle Tyler Polumbus (below)? The line can be like the officials in that if you aren’t talking about them, they’re probably doing a good job. Sure, part of it is Griffin being elusive, or play-action working because Morris has bought some respect in the run game. But Washington is fifth in the league in total offense (394 yards/game) and second in rushing (166). A heap of credit has to go to the line here, and Mark Maske wrote about it for this morning’s paper.

Rob Jackson, thrust into a role after Orakpo was hurt, could be another candidate.

There are no wrong answers, so share below. The more detail you have to support your surprise and disappointment picks, the more impressed we’ll likely be.

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Unless you’re an NFL official or a non-Redskins fan, you’ve got to like this picture of Tyler Polumbus protecting your quarterback.