As we gear up for Sunday’s NFC East clash, a peculiar truth comes into focus. The Giants, the Redskins’ opponent, have to be the most beatable dominant team in recent memory.

As is frequently mentioned, they were 7-7 last season before going on a tear and winning the Super Bowl. (The Giants actually won more games the regular season before, when they went 10-6 and missed the playoffs).

Two of those seven losses came at the hands of the Redskins. With that as your frame of reference, one figures another win from a very different Washington team isn’t out of the question.

But if you watched or read about the way the Giants went out to San Francisco and took apart one of the NFC best teams last weekend in a 26-3 victory, you’ve got to be wary about facing those Giants. Especially if they can dial up the same energy level.

Giants beat the 49ers last Sunday, 26-3. (Getty Images)

The Giants’ biggest stars, their defensive linemen and their quarterback-wide receiver tandems, perhaps hit the Redskins in spots where they are weak, so the matchup isn’t all that favorable. But then again, division teams know each other inside out, and can compensate for anticipated disadvantages.

The Redskins probably like their chances going in, even with the game on the road. How about you?

There’s no question you have to respect the Giants. But do you fear them? Do you think this is a game the Redskins lose, or one they win?

And as always on Friday mornings, share what you’d like to see the Redskins do well to win. The more specific the better.