There’s nothing much more frustrating in the NFL than when your team isn’t playing to its potential, and is thoroughly getting beat. In that sense, maybe many fans can relate to cornerback DeAngelo Hall losing his cool on an official after being blocked by Pittsburgh wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders late in Sunday’s game, and getting ejected. But I imagine, even among those who understand, very few would excuse the behavior.

How did you feel about it?

(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

At that point in the game, with less than four minutes left, without the ball, and trailing by 15 points, it wasn’t a key play in the sense that it cost the Redskins a chance to win, like say, Josh Morgan in Week 2. And I’m not sure you can even read into it as something indicative of a lack of discipline on the Redskins under Coach Mike Shanahan. You might say it’s characteristic of Hall, but you also might say that’s uncharacteristic.

Hall can be something of a lightning rod for the fan base, because of his contract, because of his outspokenness, because of the overall disappointing poor play of the secondary. Hall also has a reputation as a ballhawk, but not a technically sound, lockdown cornerback. Those guys are pretty hard to find, and it’s a tough criticism to dislike a guy for being just pretty good or average at what he does, but Hall at times has been feted with the fanfare of a cornerback of that stature.

So now’s probably a good time to ask about how you feel about him as a Redskin. Has he been a stand up guy who’s fulfilled his role as a defensive captain? Or is he a player you’d just as soon see move on?

How do you feel specifically about Sunday’s incident? And isn’t it just the worst when your team is not only losing, but playing below their best?

Perhaps you saw some good things to come out of Sunday’s game, but this is looking like a rough week ahead, with much of the country bracing for a hurricane and all. Would’ve been nice to have a win to savor all week, instead of this and a 3-5 start to the first half of the season to look back on.