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Panthers’ first-quarter touchdown should have been disallowed, according to Mike Pereira

Carolina QB Cam Newton fires early in the game against the Redskins Sunday

The Carolina Panthers’ first-quarter touchdown Sunday against the Washington Redskins should have been disallowed, according to Fox officiating analyst Mike Pereira.

The touchdown came on a 30-yard run by Panthers tailback DeAngelo Williams, who cut to the right sideline and managed to keep his feet in bounds on his way to the end zone.

Television replays showed that Williams was not out of bounds. But there an official may have blown a whistle inadvertently during the play.

Pereira, formerly the NFL’s vice president of officiating, wrote on Twitter that “even though he didn’t step out of bounds the official should’ve admitted he blew the whistle and ball should have been dead there.”

The officials huddled on the field after the play to discuss it, but allowed the touchdown to stand.

Under NFL rules, all scoring plays are reviewed via instant replay.