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So where do the Redskins go from here?

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Even Mike Shanahan is saying the post-bye games are mostly just for evaluating players. (We took that quote and ran with it, huh?)

The prescient among you, back just before the season started, said this year was never about the playoffs, just about roster development. But has Shanahan Year 3 been a step forward in any way, besides finding a quarterback? What looked like depth built through the draft and a few decent free agent moves hasn’t amounted to much. With the Redskins still losing the close games, can you say the team is better off than it was last season, quarterback aside?

This morning’s question, where do the Redskins go from here, is twofold. Contemplate both parts separately.

Where do they go from here, in terms of finishing out the season? All is not lost, but almost always, seven losses is the maximum for playoff teams. It would take a remarkable finish to get to 9-7 or 10-6, and that doesn’t guarantee anything. So even if we forget about the playoffs — and remember, many of you never cared about the playoffs this year anyway, just development — how do you approach the final seven games? What is there to gain, based on who is on the roster now, and how do the Redskins gain it?

But more perplexing might be how to fix this team going forward, given the number of needs that are being revealed, and the limitations in draft picks and salary cap resources. What can the Redskins do besides cut guys who haven’t lived up to their billing, and take another stab at the second wave of free agents, or draft a bunch of players outside the first round? You can find safeties and linebackers and offensive line depth that way. There are some young Redskins perhaps worth developing. But do you see any difference-makers, or any way to obtain some, on the horizon? Adding at least two this past offseason should be something to be glad about, but it doesn’t seem like it’s made much of a difference when it comes to winning. Are we looking too much into the record and not at the quality of the on-field product? Because these past few weeks, that’s seemed subpar too.

Put another way, how does this team finish strong, and keep itself from being 3-6 after next season’s first nine games?

Floor’s yours.