Pierre Garcon (Richard Lipski/Associated Press)

Wide receiver Pierre Garcon said Tuesday his injured foot has not healed to the point that would enable him to play after the Washington Redskins return from their bye week.

“It’s getting better,” Garcon said in the locker room at Redskins Park. “I’m trying to put more force on it, walking around every day. I’ve got orthotics in my shoes. I’m trying to give it a little bit more push. But it’s still not where it needs to be.”

Garcon has a torn ligament in his foot. He and the team face a possible decision about whether he will undergo season-ending surgery. But first, Garcon and the Redskins want to make another attempt for him to play after the bye. The Redskins next play Nov. 18 at home against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Asked Tuesday whether he wonders if he will be able to play again this season, Garcon said: “As the season goes on, every game goes on, you think about it. You’re like, ‘Is it one more game?’ But if I get a chance to go back out there, I’m going to give it everything I have and just play.”

He did not give a definitive timetable for when a decision about undergoing surgery would be made if he remains unable to play after the bye.

“It’ll be a group decision,” Garcon said. “It’ll be me, coaches, the team, the organization. But we’re trying to avoid that at all possible costs. But at some time you’ve got to be realistic and be like you’ve got to have it and hopefully it’s a successful surgery and you recover from it.”

Signed as a free agent in the offseason to be the team’s No. 1 wide receiver, Garcon has played in three of the Redskins’ nine games this season. He has missed four straight games since playing Oct. 7. He totaled four catches for 44 yards in his two games after having four catches for 109 yards prior to exiting because of his injury in the team’s season-opening triumph at New Orleans.

“I’m taking it day to day, trying to get back out there as soon as possible,” Garcon said Tuesday. “But there’s no real update or miracle that happened overnight. …I try it every day. We’re going to try to go after the bye, see how it feels. But we’re still trying to get as much pain out of it as we can.”

Garcon has said his injury has been diagnosed as a plantar plate tear in his right foot. The injury involves a partially torn ligament in a capsule near the second toe of Garcon’s foot. The Redskins previously had described the injury as inflammation of that capsule.

He has been told by doctors, he said, that the injury is rare for an NFL player and is more common for a sprinter.

Garcon said Tuesday the Redskins’ record has not entered into his thinking about whether to undergo season-ending surgery, at least not at this point. The Redskins have lost three straight games and are in last place in the NFC East with a record of 3-6. The offense has endured some struggles in recent games after remaining highly productive for most of the season, even minus Garcon.

“I always want to be in there, no matter if we’re doing good or doing bad,” Garcon said. “It’s an injury. You never want to be injured. You’re not used to being injured, especially out for this long. So it [stinks] no matter if it’s one game or five games, or if we’re doing good or doing bad.”

The Redskins appear more confident that they will have safety Brandon Meriweather back in the lineup following their bye. Meriweather has not played all season because of a knee injury but has been practicing and has suffered no recent setbacks.

Redskins players have the remainder of the week off for their bye.