One 3-6 team can’t really be cocky when gearing up to face another, but the Redskins couldn’t be catching Philadelphia at a better time.

The Eagles have regressed since firing defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, allowing 32 points per game in losses to the Falcons, Saints and Cowboys. Philly is planning to start rookie QB Nick Foles on Sunday, in front of an offensive line in disarray. They can’t tackle, they can move the ball but can’t punch it in in the red zone, and for three straight games, as their season has slipped away, they haven’t responded. There are multiple players having some of the worst seasons of their careers — QB Michael Vick, CB Nnamdi Asomugha, DE Jason Babin and T Todd Herremans (who’s now on IR). But it’s not bad luck, so much as it’s a bad team. There’s talent there, but no soul. Andy Reid and his players are getting the NFL’s longest-tenured head coach fired by their ineptitude.

That opens up a door for Washington.

When you consider the Eagles’ current woes, the Redskins’ issues nearly pale in comparison. Washington has also been losing games it could win, can’t cover in the secondary and hasn’t been able to make many plays in the passing game. But the quarterback and running back are young and trending up.  Injuries, to players like OLB Brian Orakpo, DE Adam Carriker, WR Pierre Garcon, TE Fred Davis and S Brandon Meriweather are a legitimate excuse for some of the Redskins’ poor play.

Philadelphia fans point out the obvious. And usher their coach out.

But at least Washington hasn’t checked out. Philly’s players could rally around Foles, but if they were going to rally, why didn’t they do it after their bye, against the Falcons… or against the Saints … or against the Cowboys? Washington is playing against a team that seems like it has no fight left in it. The Redskins, with a couple of successful drives early and a lead, can take advantage.

What do you think? Do the Eagles still worry you? Do they still have enough talent to give the Redskins problems, even if not at their best? As a fan, are you licking your chops to be playing the Eagles this Sunday?

I’m not suggesting Washington is a juggernaut that can coast to an easy win. But there’s an opportunity, by virtue of the Eagles’ discombobulation, for the Redskins to take advantage of a team that’s on the ropes. Perhaps a cynic might say the same is true of the Eagles in playing the Redskins, but Washington’s opportunity is unique. By beating Philly and then Dallas on Thanksgiving, they’d be 5-6 and starting December with a game against the Giants.

When you see the Eagles lay an egg, (as did the Chiefs in their Monday night game), coming off a bye doesn’t seem so bad, does it? The negativity from last Monday after the Panthers loss has mostly faded. Even though the Opening Kick took a few days off too while on bye, I’m looking forward to your thoughts here.