It’s Friday, no reason to overcomplicate this. Your pick in the poll below and your reasoning in the comments would be greatly appreciated.

As for me, I can’t figure either of these teams out. They both have enough talent to beat the other on Sunday. But they don’t play cohesively, consistently or inspired.

Maybe the Eagles are better with Nick Foles, in that he gets the ball out quickly to the talented skill players, who could certainly succeed against the Redskins’ secondary, even

The Eagles’ LeSean McCoy (Associated Press)

with Brandon Meriweather in the fold. Maybe they buckle down and feed LeSean McCoy early and often. But the Redskins could do the same thing — forget about being cute and give it to the bruising back. The Eagles’ defense has been generous the past few weeks, and the Redskins could control the game and clock by running. And each defense probably needs to keep the opposing offense off the field. On talent alone, I’d take the Eagles, but if they had any heart, they’d have responded by now. I’ll take the Redskins.