Pierre Garcon (Richard Lipski/The Associated Press)

Wide receiver Pierre Garcon said Monday he hopes to make a more significant contribution to the Washington Redskins’ offense in the season’s remaining games.

Garcon had three catches for only five yards in Sunday’s victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. He is playing with a torn ligament near the second toe in his right foot and had missed the Redskins’ previous four games.

“Hopefully what I did the last game is not what I do for the rest of the year,” Garcon said in a conference call with reporters Monday afternoon. “The foot is going to get better over time. Just every day it’s getting better. Hopefully it will continue to get better to where I can help out more. But hopefully that’s not my role for the rest of the year.”

Garcon said he suffered “no setbacks” Sunday.

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said he was impressed by Garcon’s ability to run routes against the Eagles and hopes that Garcon will be ready for Thursday’s game in Dallas. The Thanksgiving game could be challenging for Garcon because of the quick turnaround and the artificial turf playing surface.

“The big question now is ‘can he do it on the turf,’ where it’s a little bit harder, a little bit tougher to run on for a guy like him going through the type of pain he’s dealing with in the bottom of his foot,” Shanahan said.