Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will face the Giants for a second time this season. (Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

When Robert Griffin III and his Washington Redskins take on the New York Giants on Monday, it will be the first time that the rookie quarterback has faced a defense for a second time.

But Griffin said he isn’t concerned that the Giants will be better prepared for him this time around.

In their first meeting (a 27-23 Redskins loss to the Giants), Griffin completed 20 of 28 passes for 258 yards, with two touchdowns and an interception. He also carried the ball nine times for 89 yards.

Griffin understands that the Giants now have witnessed the Redskins’ offensive concepts first-hand, but he and his teammates also have had a taste of New York’s defense.

“Yeah, it’s always different the second time,” Griffin said. “They’ve kind of gotten a feel for the way we play, and we have a feel for the way they play, and it’s a matter of who shows up Monday night.”

Griffin continued: “I just know they’ll come with something different. Every team does. No team will necessarily play you the same way they played you the first time. A team’s base defense is their base defense. That won’t change. They’ll usually have a wrinkle in there, and when we see it, it’s about adjusting on the fly.”

Griffin and the Redskins are coming off two of their best offensive outings of the season,  wins over the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. Drawing from those performances, Griffin believes that Washington’s offense is better now than it was six weeks ago, thanks to better execution and the return of receiver Pierre Garcon. Now, Griffin says, the Giants must prepare for an even more dangerous squad.

“I feel like we’re hitting things we weren’t hitting early in the year. We’re able to do things we weren’t able to,” Griffin said. “Our receivers are playing at a high level. Offensive line and Alfred are doing a good job running the ball as well. The things they faced in us last time with the running game, it’s still there. But we’ve added elements in the passing game that make us more dangerous. They’ll prepare for that, and we’ll see what happens.”

Griffin is coming off of a two-game stretch during which he posted a combined passer rating of 146.1 – the best stretch by a rookie quarterback (with a minimum of 40 passes) in NFL history.

Having watched both games, Giants defensive end Justin Tuck also downplayed any talk of advantages he and his teammates could have in facing Griffin a second time around.

“Honestly, I think after watching film on him today, and a little yesterday, it honestly looks like [the Redskins] have gotten better at running the offenses [they] were running against us the first time. It might be a little tougher, to be honest with you. I think obviously he’s gotten more experience under his belt, and all the players around him have more experience.”

Said Giants’ coach Tom Coughlin: “We have played them one time and they played very, very well, so I don’t know that that’s any solace for us. We definitely have to do a much better job. I would discount the idea that there’s anything easy about preparing.”

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