Anytime a high-profile player is released, the immediate temptation is to want him on your team.

Anytime a high-profile player is released whose specialty is exactly what your team struggles at, the temptation is greater.

But don’t go envisioning recently cut Eagles defensive end Jason Babin in burgundy and gold.

Jason Babin is up for grabs, will the Redskins take him? (Associated Press)

For one, he’s a 4-3 pass-rush specialist and the Redskins run a 3-4. Babin was drafted by the Texans and converted to an outside linebacker, but he flopped. It took him several years, but he eventually had his best season — 18 sacks for the Eagles last year — as a defensive end.

Second, a whole lot of bad teams, many of whom struggle to get after the quarterback, are ahead of the Redskins in waiver priority, and might pick up Babin, even with the majority of a five-year, $28 million contract left to pay.

Third, Babin was susceptible to run plays, and as bad as the Redskins are in some ways defensively (31st against the pass, 28th in yards, 25th in points allowed), they stop the run well (third in the NFL). Not sure you want to try to plug the pass-rushing hole with a guy who isn’t good against the run, and that’s where he’s comfortable — with his hand on the ground.

Washington is 26th in the league with 20 sacks, but does have six in the past two games.

If there’s a good argument for adding Babin, whether or not he clears waivers and the opportunity arises, go ahead and make it in the comments.

How much more Fletcher?

(Associated Press)

Saw a good discussion start in yesterday’s comments on inside linebacker London Fletcher and whether this might be his last year. The arguments weren’t so much that his play is declining. But folks questioned his health. Those who wanted him to stay said he needs to be around to help young linebackers grow, and because nobody better is on board.

What do you think?