DeAngelo Hall during the incident that led to his ejection in Pittsburgh (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

The NFL fined Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall a total of $35,750 for a pair of fouls during the Redskins’ victory at Dallas on Thanksgiving, a person familiar with the penalties said Friday.

Hall was fined $20,000 for a horse-collar tackle and $15,750 for a late hit, the person said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the fines had not been announced by the league.

Hall previously was fined $30,000 for the incident with an official that led to his ejection from the Redskins’ loss at Pittsburgh.

Hall was warned by the league following the incident with the official during the Steelers game that further misconduct could lead to a suspension. But he remains eligible to play.

Hall was not immediately available to comment.

The fines for the infractions during the Cowboys game were first reported by Fox.

Update (2:45 p.m.)

   Hall declined to comment following the Redskins’ practice.

   He was not penalized by the officials for either play during the 38-31 victory over the Cowboys on Nov. 22, and Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said he was uncertain what the fine for one of the infractions was based on.

   “Well, just because you get fined doesn’t mean you don’t go through an appeal process,” Shanahan said. “I haven’t even seen that one on film. I don’t even recall what he did wrong. So I’ve got to go back and look at that film. I’ll talk about that after he appeals it.”

   When pressed further on the issue of whether Hall was appealing his latest fines, Shanahan told reporters they would have to ask Hall about that.

   “I can’t get specific on it,” Shanahan said. “He’s going to have to tell you one way or the other. But sometimes because a guy gets fined doesn’t mean that he’s guilty. You go through the process first. I’m not supposed to speak on it so I try to bite my tongue. Obviously it doesn’t work out all the time.”

   Hall appealed his $30,000 fine from the incident with the official during the Oct. 28 game in Pittsburgh. Hall has said that head linesman Dana McKenzie was equally to blame for that verbal confrontation, in which Hall removed his helmet and yelled at the official following a play, appearing to use profanity.

   The league has looked into Hall’s allegations of misconduct by the official, according to people familiar with the case. It is not clear if the league has reached a conclusion regarding those accusations by Hall.

   Asked Friday whether the fines assessed by the NFL have served as a deterrent to players, Shanahan said: “I think everybody has got a difference of opinion there. Obviously any time you take a lot of cash out of somebody’s pocket — I think guys play hard. Guys play to win. If they do make a mistake, they’re not trying to hurt somebody. Sometimes when it goes helmet to helmet at the last second, a guy… lowers his head and there’s helmet to helmet, he doesn’t know that when he takes off when he’s got his head down. But you’re still going to get fined. So it’s not the intent. It’s the action. And these players are dealing with it.”