The Washington Redskins on Sunday will go for their fourth consecutive victory when they host the Baltimore Ravens. Until this week, Baltimore Coach John Harbaugh hadn’t done any real game planning for the Redskins’ rookie quarterback. But the coach has followed Robert Griffin III from a distance for a while now.

 “You kind of keep an eye on him,” Harbaugh told reporters at his Monday news conference. “You get so focused on your opponent, and you really don’t know — other than from the little news that we see — how he is doing. Being here in the area, of course, you get a little more of that. We’ve been following him from afar a little bit, and [we’re] very impressed.”

 But Harbaugh’s knowledge of Griffin goes back further than this season, the coach said.

 “I knew of him because my brother recruited him four years ago to Stanford,” Harbaugh said referring to his brother, Jim, who now coaches the San Francisco 49ers. “He had recruited both Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III — both out of Houston, both 4.0 [GPA] students, by the way, so they were Stanford guys. Andrew ended up going there, and obviously, RGIII went to Baylor. I’ve known him for a little while, and I’ve got a lot of respect for him.”

 Harbaugh and his staff spent Tuesday working on their game plan for defending Griffin and the Redskins’ offense. The Ravens rank 23rd against the pass, averaging 246.5 yards a game, and 23rd against the run, giving up 125.8 yards per outing.

 Earlier this season, the team faced another dual threat quarterback in Philadelphia’s Michael Vick. In that game, Vick rushed for 34 yards and a touchdown on 10 carries, and threw for 371 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions, and his Eagles edged Baltimore 24-23.