(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Linebacker London Fletcher said after Monday night’s win over the New York Giants that he probably will have to deal with his sprained left ankle for the remainder of the season.

Fletcher said Friday he understands the routine after playing on a sprained ankle last season.

“I have history with it because I had pretty much the same type of deal last year,” Fletcher said. “I had a pretty bad ankle sprain last year. It’s not fun. But it’s just kind of my reality right now. It’s just understanding, staying on top of it. Hopefully as you get further away from the initial injury, you can get some recovery. But what happens is because I’m still playing on it, you don’t get full rest and recovery. But hey, no time to rest right now.”

The Redskins have Fletcher listed as questionable on their official injury report for Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens. But there’s little doubt that Fletcher will play. It’s what he does. He has played in 236 straight games.

He already has played on this sprained ankle, initially suffered during a Nov. 18 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, for two games.

“I really just take it based on how I feel once it’s time for game time,” Fletcher said. “Obviously coming out of the Dallas game, I wasn’t able to finish the game so that was a concern for me going into the next game. We had a little bit more time to recover. You get to a point where you feel okay but still not 100 percent. So it’s just a matter of, ‘All right, once the adrenaline kicks in and stuff like that, will I be able to do my normal stuff?’”