(AP Photo/Nick Wass)


Redskins left tackle Trent Williams said he expects to see outside linebacker Terrell Suggs in the Baltimore Ravens’ lineup Sunday.

Suggs, the reigning NFL defensive player of the year, is listed as questionable on the Ravens’ official injury report because of a torn bicep.

“I definitely expect to see him out there,” Williams said. “I heard that the injury is a painful injury. But I think people have played [with] it. I’m expecting to see him out there. I don’t want to prepare as if he’s not going to be out there and then be surprised.”

The Baltimore defense will be formidable either way, Williams said.

“Obviously any time you’re missing a guy like that, there’s going to be a difference,” Williams said of the possibility of Suggs being sidelined. “But they have a lot of talent up front and a lot of depth on the [defensive] line. I mean, will it be a difference? Yeah. Will they miss him? I don’t know, because they are deep up front. But he is a cornerstone in that defense and he will be for a long time.”

The Redskins are on a three-game winning streak but now face one of the league’s top teams.

“Those guys are really good,” Williams said. “They’re 9-3 for a reason. That doesn’t just happen in the NFL. You don’t end up just having that good of a record and not being a great team. So obviously they’re a great team and we’re going to have to bring out our ‘A’ game if we want to compete.”