Alfred Morris has fumbled twice in the last two weeks.

After fumbling the ball only twice all season, Redskins running back Alfred Morris has now coughed up the ball in back-to-back games. Coach Mike Shanahan said that he has full confidence in Morris, but that there are ways the Redskins can help him with ball security.

Morris’s fumble two weeks ago against the Giants ended a potential scoring drive when New York recovered the ball at its 9-yard line. On Sunday, a Morris fumble led to a Ravens’ touchdown that put Baltimore up 21-14 in the second quarter.

In both games, Morris rebounded to give the Redskins strong production the rest of the way.

Shanahan said he wasn’t concerned about the recent turnovers.

“To be honest with you, fumbles are going to occur,” the coach said. “You have to practice it every day with the defense, trying to strip the ball from you. We haven’t had as much contact [in recent practices] with the Monday night game and obviously playing on Sunday, some short weeks. We’ll get back to trying to strip the ball, putting him in those situations where he gets those good habits back.”

Shanahan expects that Morris will soon correct the problems.

“He’s a guy you really trust because it means a lot to him. If you do get the ball, usually, it’s a pretty good hit, or three or four guys standing a guy up and doing a great job pulling the ball out. I’ve got a lot of confidence in him.”