In a season that has over the past four weeks become quite interesting, Sunday afternoon’s overtime come-from-behind victory might have been the season’s high point. Shoot, it might have been the Redskins high point over the past several seasons.

The end of the game was a roller coaster ride that reminds us why we love the NFL, and it’s so much easier to appreciate when the team you root for wins and you find out the franchise quarterback’s injury wasn’t as bad as it looked.

What went through your mind when you saw Robert Griffin III get hit by Haloti Ngata?

Did you think the season was shot? Were you worried for Griffin, and perhaps the rest of his career, and not just this season’s ever-more-real shot at the playoffs?

(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

What went through your mind after, as Griffin tried to gut it out, but eventually gave way to Kirk Cousins? How about when Cousins found Pierre Garcon for the late touchdown, or when Cousins unexpectedly ran the quarterback draw in for the two-point conversion. How about during Richard Crawford’s 64-yard overtime punt return, or during Kai Forbath’s game-winning kick?

Such a range of emotions. In the Post Sports office, there were oohs — and not the kind RGIII normally elicits — when we saw how his leg bent during his collision with Ngata. When Griffin missed a play, then came back into the game, it appeared he was going to lead an epic drive that would go down alongside Byron Leftwich’s moment at Marshall as one of the great playing-while-hurt efforts of all time. Then before long it became “get him out of there before he hurts himself even worse.”

And that Cousins led the comeback, finishing with a perfect 158.3 passer rating and the game-tying plays despite being called on unexpectedly? That pretty much validated Mike Shanahan’s decision to draft two rookie quarterbacks in the same season. The critics on that one are probably pretty quiet today.

And Kyle Shanahan ended up looking smart for the two-point playcall. Mike Shanahan’s decision to go away from Brandon Banks on returns looked bad when Niles Paul nearly fumbled away the game, but looked brilliant with Crawford in overtime. The choice of Forbath to replace place kicker Billy Cundiff earlier in the season couldn’t be working out much better either.

Now the playoff talk can start in earnest. Consecutive wins over good teams, showing grit each time, and getting a little help in the wild-card standings as well. Was a pretty good week for the Redskins, and a pretty great finish against the Ravens?

Recount for us, if you will, how you felt during it.

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