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Robert Griffin III believes his chances of playing Sunday are improving [updated]

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Quarterback Robert Griffin III said his injured right knee felt good as he participated in the Redskins’ practice Wednesday. Griffin said he didn’t know whether he would play Sunday at Cleveland but believes the chances are improving.

He initially felt there was little chance of that, he said, but his opinion has changed as his knee has improved in recent days.

“Today I feel really good about it,” Griffin said.

Griffin declined to say how much work he did during the practice, most of which was closed to media members.  “I did enough,” he said, adding that he feels he’ll be able to push himself harder in practices Thursday and Friday.

Griffin said he doesn’t know if playing with this injury would put him at increased risk of a more severe injury to the knee.

Griffin suffered a mild sprain of the lateral collateral ligament in his right knee late in Sunday’s overtime win against the Baltimore Ravens at FedEx Field.

Coach Mike Shanahan called Griffin’s participation in the practice limited. He said he was impressed by how Griffin looked.

Griffin, who is wearing a knee brace, will be evaluated on a daily basis and the Redskins will determine at the end of the week whether he can play at full speed, Shanahan said. “If he is, he’ll play,” Shanahan said.

The Redskins will take the risk of further injury into consideration as part of their decision, Shanahan said. He said he “probably” would let the situation play out as long as possible to maintain a competitive advantage by keeping the Browns guessing about who will play..

Rookie backup Kirk Cousins, who took over Sunday and threw a touchdown pass and ran for a tying two-point conversion in the final minute of regulation, would be in line to make his first NFL start against the Browns if Griffin does not play.

Cousins said Wednesday he has grown exponentially as a quarterback during the season and would have another opportunity to learn if he does start in Cleveland.

“You have to go the distance when you start the game,” Cousins said. “That’s a lot of time to screw up, if you will, a lot of time to be exposed.”

Cousins said he felt he received too much praise for the role he played in the 31-28 victory over the Ravens. Cousins said he received about 140 text messages after the game but had time to return only a few of them.

“You go two for two, everybody loves you,” Cousins said. “You go oh for two, everybody hates you.”

Cousins said as a fourth-round draft pick, he accepts that he will have limited chances to prove himself as an NFL quarterback. “If I’m good enough, I’ll be able to show people over time what I can do,” Cousins said. “If I’m not, I won’t.”