Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III practiced Wednesday after spraining the LCL his right knee Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. (John McDonnell/Washington Post)

Robert Griffin III has heard plenty of times that his style of play puts him at greater risk of injury. Griffin was reminded of this notion following the Week 5 concussion he suffered after scrambling on a broken play. And the topic again has surfaced following the knee injury Griffin sustained after getting flushed out of the pocket during a potential game-tying drive Sunday against Baltimore.

Although both injuries – the only significant ones he has sustained this season – came on plays where Griffin was on the run, he doesn’t believe he faces heightened chances of injury because of his mobility.

“That play can happen to anybody,” Griffin said Wednesday. “It wasn’t like I was waiting to get down until the last second like I did against Atlanta or anything like that. My leg came up and [Haloti Ngata] hit my leg. That was an unfortunate part of it.

“People need to realize football is a physical sport and there are a lot of quarterbacks out there that aren’t necessarily the runners that aren’t playing right now because of injury,” Griffin continued. “It’s not just because I’m a little bit athletic and can move around that I’m prone to injuries. There are a lot of quarterbacks out there that are getting hurt that don’t move around a lot. I tried to get down. As soon as I turned in, I knew there were a lot of Ravens coming at me. It was just unfortunate. I’ll continue to play safe, play the way I have and play aggressive.”

Griffin believes that he can play at a high level even if his mobility is limited on Sunday. His success will hinge on the ability to move and react without playing tentatively.

“I’ve told many people, I’m more than just a runner. I’m more than just an athletic quarterback,” Griffin said. “I don’t have to go out there and prove that to anybody. But I think that one gauge is will I be able to make instinctive moves without thinking about it. I couldn’t do that in 2009 [coming] off the ACL. I could control my movements, but whenever I had to make a quick decision, I couldn’t really plant and go. I tried to a little bit of that. Whenever you can’t see your leg or plan that you’re going to make a certain movement, can you make an explosive step? I was able to do that today, and hopefully I’ll be able to do it more and more throughout the week.”