Jordan Black, (60), with the rest of the Redskins offensive line Sunday. (John McDonnel/Washington Post.


Members of the Redskins’ offensive line continued Wednesday to defend reserve tackle Jordan Black, who was suspended for four games without pay by the NFL this week for testing positive for a banned performance-enhancing substance.

“He definitely got a raw deal,” guard Chris Chester said. “From knowing Jordan, having been around him this season and his character and the type of guy he is, and what he’s told me about this situation, I just feel like he’s kind of almost like a sacrificial lamb just so that they appear to be doing something to make a difference.”

Black said in a radio interview Tuesday he was suspended for his use of a prescription medication that has “nothing to do with steroids.”

Chester said that the team’s other offensive linemen had been aware of the situation.

“He talked about it a little bit and gave us the rundown what’s going on,” Chester said. “It’s unfortunate. It’s really just a bad deal. It makes him look bad and I sincerely feel bad for the guy.”

Several offensive linemen had expressed their support for Black and their displeasure with the suspension on Twitter earlier this week. They expressed similar sentiments Wednesday in the locker room at Redskins Park.

“I think he got a raw deal and he’s certainly no drug user, no doper,” guard Kory Lichtensteiger said.

Said left tackle Trent Williams: “No one was happy about it. It’s tough for him to have to go down that way, with it being just a big misunderstanding.”