Robert Griffin III really wants to play on Sunday. Jason Reid doesn’t buy the idea that the Redskins will move Kirk Cousins this offseason, and it seems he asked Mike Shanahan before coming to that conclusion.

You’re die-hard. You know what’s up with the linemen, London Fletcher’s ankle, and Stephen Bowen’s bicep. Jones and Maske will have more updates later in the day, yet we still have four days until game day. I thought we’d pass the morning with something typically inane (I see you, KellyinBC, changing the topic to bacon) but somewhat relevant to this Sunday.

Remember back at the beginning of the season when a few outlets were predicting 2-14 and 3-13 for the Redskins, but most of us here knew better? (7-9 to 9-7 was the general consensus). At that time, the Eagles, on paper, looked like a division title contender. Turns out they’re nothing close.

Are these your biggest surprises and disappointments in the NFL this season? If not, who are yours?

Since the Redskins didn’t come as that much of a surprise, I’d probably go with the Colts as the team that’s far better than I figured they’d be. With seemingly every veteran but Reggie Wayne signing on elsewhere, the purge in Indy had me thinking it’d be a few years before they built a winner around Andrew Luck. That they’re 9-5 and in good position for a playoff spot is pretty stunning.

Andrew Luck is leading one of this season’s biggest surprise teams. He and Robert Griffin III probably should be joining the standard four or so outstanding veterans in MVP talk.

Denver is also a lot better than I thought they’d be. Even though their defense and running game were good pre-Peyton Manning, it just seemed like a stretch to assume he could miss a year with a neck injury and come back and light the league up. But they’ve won nine straight. The Broncos are pretty legit.

Other surprises: Seattle (9-5) and Minnesota (8-6), with Adrian Peterson coming off an injury yet having his best season. (I think he should be MVP by the way. That team is pretty average without him; Denver made the playoffs pre-Manning)

The Eagles, who by losing to the Redskins this week and the Giants in Week 17 would finish 4-12, are pretty disappointing. It’s hard to believe a team with that much individual talent, and that much offseason consternation about “underacheiving” at 8-8 last season, could be this bad. And what a year to earn a top-five pick. No Luck or RGIII or Trent Richardson as the prize. As an NFC East foe, this likely delights Redskins fans.

Detroit, however, is also 4-10 and had designs on returning to the playoffs. Not sure why the wheels fell off there. The Jets (6-8) and Saints (6-8) are disappointing, but those were easier to see coming than the Lions or Eagles. The Chargers (5-9) and Steelers (7-7) if they fail to finish strong could also join the disappointments list.

Which teams have surprised and disappointed you the most this season? Who do you like as MVP? (I’m not so sure RGIII and Andrew Luck should be automatically discounted here because they’re rookies).

Among the surprise teams, do you see any of them doing anything in the postseason, should they get there? How many of the disappointment change coaches? Who should they hire and/or draft?

If you’re looking for a more Redskins-heavy topic, my bad. There’s always the rest of the day here on the blog, and Friday morning. You could always use this opportunity, as we count down the days and hours until Redskins-Eagles, to pile on those folks who predicted 2-14 and 3-13. I conveniently included the links above. Kicking the Eagles while they’re down might help pass the time as well.