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In Monday’s online chat, columnist Thomas Boswell was asked about reports that voters were leaning toward the Colts’ Andrew Luck for the rookie of the year honors. Here’s Boz’s take:

Anybody who would vote for Luck (or Wilson) over RGIII just isn’t paying enough attention to the facts.

Indy has been outscored 329-371. They are as lucky as any 10-5 team you will find. Yesterday, Luck was 17 for 35 for 205 yards and the game-winning 4Q TD top beat KC 20-13. Great. Congratulations. But that’s a mediocre game against a horrible team. RGIII just dominates on passing numbers, even leaving out his rushing yardage.

There’s an unconscious linkage between them because they went 1-2 and have both had excellent seasons. IT’S NOT CLOSE. It’s RGIII.

I’d put Wilson in the real battle with RGIII with his 98.0 QB rating and 25-10 TD-to-INT ratio, plus his running and his team’s 10-5 record. I’d still go RGIII.

And what about Alfred Morris, especially if he gets 1,500 yards? Not for MVP but for 2nd or 3rd in MVP?