(AP Photo/Tim Sharp)

Safety DeJon Gomes said he “did pretty much everything” at Redskins practice today and hopes to play Sunday after he suffered a second-degree sprain of his medial collateral ligament during Sunday’s victory over the Eagles.

Gomes has seen significant improvement in his left knee since Sunday. He went through a drill with the rest of the Redskins’ defensive backs in the early portion of practice today and will test it again tomorrow. Gomes, whose primary contribution comes on special teams, said it’s “too early” to say for certain he will be available Sunday.

“At this level, you want to play every game that you can,” Gomes said. “The magnitude of everything being on the line, of course a competitor is going to want to be out there. If I can go, I can go. But I don’t want to risk anything.”

Officially, Gomes was listed as a limited participant at practice. Center Will Montgomery played Sunday with an injury similar to Gomes’s, but Coach Mike Shanahan said it is more difficult for a defensive back to play with the partial MCL tear. Gomes agreed with that sentiment.

“Just being a DB, you got to have different movements than other positions,” Gomes said. “I just got to test it out during the week.”

Gomes, a 23-year-old in his second season, started the first three games of this season. He has seen his defensive role reduced in recent weeks, but still plays on the Redskins’ coverage teams.