Kyle Shanahan with Robert Griffin III (left) and Kirk Cousins (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan indicated Monday that if offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan draws any interest from opposing teams for vacant head coaching positions, he would not interview for any of them until after the Redskins’ season has ended.
As of late Monday afternoon, seven NFL teams had fired their head coaches.
Kyle Shanahan, the head coach’s son, is expected to draw interest from teams after retooling the Redskins offense to take advantage of the rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III’s skills. The changes boosted the Redskins attack into the top ranks of NFL offenses.
It is not immediately clear whether any of the seven teams with coaching vacancies have the younger Shanahan on their radar.
Asked whether any teams had requested permission to interview the offensive coordinator, Mike Shanahan didn’t answer directly, but implied that Kyle Shanahan is focusing on Washington’s playoff game against Seattle Sunday.
The head coach said that once the Redskins season ends, his offensive coordinator could consider openings.

“At least my opinion – at least this is my feeling when I was an assistant – it’s not time to interview during the season,” Mike Shanahan said. “It’s time to concentrate on your job. After the season is over with, I think there’s plenty of time for all those things. That’s my gut feeling.”

He continued, “You’ve got a job to do, and you should do that first. But after the season is over, if somebody wants to interview him or something along those lines, I think it’s great opportunities for assistant coaches to interview for head coaching jobs.”