The Redskins practice bubble (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

The Redskins used their indoor facility for practices Wednesday and Thursday despite having better weather conditions than last week. The temperatures have remained chilly, but skies have been clearer, with less wind and no precipitation.

But working in the practice bubble has afforded the team the opportunity to better hone technique and precision on play execution, coach Mike Shanahan says. The coach still expects his team to do some work outdoors, because the game will be played in the natural elements Sunday at FedEx Field.

But Shanahan has been pleased with the production that practicing indoors has led to. He said practicing indoors also has cut down on distractions.

“Sometimes what I like to do when you have a lot of walk-throughs [is], you may have so many plays that you’re trying to get perfection, and we had 40 of those,” Shanahan said. “Everything else was more of a walk-through to get the legs back along those lines. That’s what we did, and that’s what we’ll do sometimes. We’ll go inside for those types of practices. You always get out once or twice to make sure you’re practicing in the same environment. But sometimes, it’s good to focus without guys trying to go by the heater. When there are no heaters outside, people want to come in a lot quicker than I wanted them to go in.”