Left tackle Trent Williams was fined for striking Richard Sherman at the end of Sunday’s game.

Redskins left tackle Trent Williams received a $7,875 fine for striking Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman in the face at the end of his team’s playoff loss to the Seahawks on Sunday, a league official said.

Williams and Sherman jawed with each other early in the game. Then, once the game ended, and players and coaches met for the customary pleasantries, Williams and Sherman argued again. Williams shoved Sherman with an open hand before the two were separated.

Once in the locker room, Sherman was asked about the incident. He answered, “It was just a dirty move by Trent Williams. I can understand why he’s frustrated; it’s the end of their season. They played a solid game. Just a cheap shot.”

 Williams took the blame for the incident.
“I mean, just high emotions, man. I let them get the best of me. It’s nobody’s fault but mine,” Williams said. “I’ve got to calm down a little bit. It’s just when you lose a game like this with high intensity, you’re a little on edge, and I reacted in an immature manner. I’m taught better than that. I’ve just got to be better. It’s my first playoff run, to have the season end like that, and to kind of be taunted, it’d take a bigger man to walk away, and next time I just got to be a bigger man.”