Trent Williams, London Fletcher, Lorenzo Alexander and Ryan Kerrigan represented the Redskins at the Pro Bowl, although Williams did not play in the game. (Marco Garcia/Associated Press).

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday that the quality of play in this year’s Pro Bowl was “improved.”

Goodell made the comment on an online question-and-answer session with fans.

“I watched the game and noticed the improved quality of the game,” Goodell said. “I appreciate the players[’] commitment in this regard. We need to continually work to make our game better for the fans. I look forward to getting detailed player comment and input over the next few weeks.”

The NFC won Sunday’s game in Honolulu, 62-35.

The Pro Bowl faces an uncertain future. Goodell said before this year’s game it is possible the annual all-star game would be eliminated if the league and players cannot find ways to improve the quality of play.

Goodell also wrote that the New Orleans Saints will not be given back their second round pick in this year’s NFL draft.

The Saints were stripped of second round choices in last year’s and this year’s drafts as part of their penalty in the bounty scandal. The league previously had left open the possibility of reinstating the 2013 pick.

But Goodell wrote Monday: “No, the penalty will continue to include the 2nd round draft choice in 2013.”