Trent Williams, London Fletcher, Loreznzo Alexander and Ryan Kerrigan represented the Redskins at the most recent Pro Bowl. (Marco Garcia/Associated Press).

The Pro Bowl has gotten an at-least-temporary reprieve.

After previous threats to get rid of the game if the quality of it could not be improved, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday as the annual league meeting concluded in Phoenix that the game will be played next year.

It will be held in Hawaii on the weekend prior to the Super Bowl, Goodell said.

“The answer going forward will be, again, if some of these changes are effective, positive and lead to a better event, we will find a way to make this game better and hopefully more popular with our fans,” Goodell said. “Ultimately that’s what we’re looking for.”

Goodell had said previously that he thought the quality of this year’s game was improved.

The league continues to look for ways to tweak the event. Goodell mentioned the possibility of perhaps, after the usual selection process to identify the participants is completed, having the two teams chosen by the participating players themselves.

“We talked about Peyton Manning picks one team and Eli Manning picks the other,” Goodell said. “We think some of that is going to create greater interest.”