General Manager Bruce Allen (right) has been operating under tight salary cap restrictions but has managed to keep the Redskins mostly intact this offseason (Ray Saunders/The Washington Post)

The Redskins’ salary cap situation remains extremely tight.

According to NFL Players Association records, the Redskins had $669,949 in available salary cap space as of Wednesday night.

That was the second-least available cap space of any NFL team, ahead of only the $506,053 for the St. Louis Rams.

The 32 teams league-wide had more than $308 million in available salary cap room, an average of about $9.6 million per team. The Jacksonville Jaguars had a league-high, nearly $28.4 million in available salary cap space.

The Redskins completed deals with two free agent quarterbacks, Pat White and Rex Grossman, on Wednesday and have been able to keep their team mostly intact this offseason even while absorbing the second half of their two-year, $36 million salary cap penalty imposed last year by the league.

They appear to remain hopeful of signing free agent cornerback Antoine Winfield. But that would require further moves to free salary cap space.

The Minnesota Vikings, who apparently would like to re-sign Winfield, have about $4.4 million in available salary cap space. The Denver Broncos, who reportedly also are in the running for Winfield, have more than $8.3 million in cap space, according to the NFLPA records.