So if Pat White, the quarterback who had a sensational college career at West Virginia but hasn’t found success as a pro, joins the Redskins following his visit, what do you envision his role being?

Let’s keep it light this morning. Here are eight suggestions. Pick the one you like, or add your own:

1. Replacement for free agent Rex Grossman as No. 3 quarterback.

2. Here to emulate RGIII so the Redskins’ play-calling doesn’t change when the backup comes in.

3. Camp arm.

4. Here to give the defense a good look on the weeks they are preparing for Michael Vick, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and the like.

5. Legitimate reclamation project. White had the talent to be a second-round pick, and with Shanahan and Matt LaFleur tutoring, he could hold down an NFL roster spot.

6. Someone unlikely to win a roster spot behind Griffin, Kirk Cousins and Grossman, but who might as well get a shot since Griffin will still be rehabbing during the preseason.

7. A fourth quarterback that would make Kirk Cousins tradeable to the first team that loses a starter in camp.

8. Would have a chance to earn the No. 3 job, as would Grossman, but is unlikely to do so.

On Grossman, do the Redskins like him but realize they can get by without him? They certainly don’t seem to be in any rush to re-sign him. White, on the other hand, would likely make the minimum and displace another minimum-salary player from the top 51, therefore making the cap impact of adding him none.

(Associated Press) (Associated Press)

The quarterback carousel has spun furiously of late, with Kevin Kolb going to the Bills, Matt Flynn to the Raiders and Carson Palmer to the Cardinals, all presumably to start, and Colt McCoy going to the 49ers to back up Kaepernick. Vince Young and Grossman are the best of the remaining available backups.

Meantime, with the Chiefs adding Alex Smith this offseason, the Raiders adding Flynn, the Eagles hanging on to Vick and Nick Foles and the Bills making a quarterback move, there’s even more intrigue about where another West Virginia passer, Geno Smith, will land. If he’s still the first quarterback off the board on draft day, any of those teams could snap him up and groom him for the future, but none of them needs to burn an early pick on a guy they might not feel is top 10 material. Would the Jaguars be ready to undermine Blaine Gabbert?

Anyway, Pat White. Interesting. Your thoughts?