Let me acknowledge up front that there’s no way can know at this point, but … in light of the glowing reports on his rehab, and the other Redskins quarterback moves this week, do you think it’s really possible Robert Griffin III could start Week 1?

That makes sense as the goal. I wouldn’t expect a competitive person to say any different. But can someone who tore knee ligaments in January be back in top shape by September, when expected recovery times for such injuries is often a year or longer?

But RGIII is superhuman, you say. True. And also-superhuman Adrian Peterson came back from torn anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments to win the NFL MVP award this past season. But AP got hurt on Dec. 24; RGIII on Jan. 9. That’s more than two game weeks’ difference, even if RGIII were to repeat AP’s rehab feats.

(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Griffin, Coach Mike Shanahan and orthopedist James Andrews have all given glowing reviews about the state of RGIII’s knee, allowing us to believe the possibility that he’ll be good to go. But isn’t that how they got in this mess in the first place?

Even if RGIII feels like he’s ready Week 1, do the Redskins play him? Or play it safe with Kirk Cousins?

All that is a long way to getting to today’s Opening Kick question: How many games do you see RGIII realistically starting? Yes, you haven’t seen him work out. Yes, it’s a guess. Yes, if we doubt him, we could later be grouped into that athlete-favorite quote, “I wanted to prove all my critics and doubters wrong.”

If I had to guess — and that’s all it is, is a guess — I’d say Cousins starts six games next season, Griffin 10, Rex Grossman and Pat White zero.

If Washington does start the season with Cousins, it raises some other questions. How will playing with the constant specter of RGIII’s potential return hanging over him affect him? What if he has a lot of success, say 4-1? Then do you further take it easy with Griffin? What if the start goes sour? Does Griffin try to rush to the rescue?

These are all things we can’t know in April and can only really speculate about. But it can’t hurt to ask. How many games do you think Griffin will start?

Other orders of business:

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— Here’s something else we could give a shot: Would Insider readers be interested in participating in a mock draft? I’d say first let’s give it a shot with one Insider reader per Redskins pick, with the catches being you have to really research the player and provide YouTube links to their clips, if you can find any. The mock picks would also have to legitimately be close to the round they’re really expected to be taken in — no unrealistically fortunate “steals.” I’ll organize, compile and set a date for it. Just let me know by e-mail if you’re interested. If the Redskins’ one goes well, maybe we could do the entire first round. And if you prefer we do all the work, that’s fine too, but it’ll be a few more days before we ramp up our draft coverage.

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