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A roundup of the Redskins in mock drafts

The Redskins are looking to bolster their secondary so they see less of this next season.
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If there’s one drawback to going 10-6, winning the division and trading away your next few first rounders for a player who is the new face of the NFL — and truthfully, this might be the only one — it’s that draft season is a lot less fun when you don’t pick in the top 50.

Of the roughly eight jillion mock drafts of varying degrees of reputability on the Web, I’m guessing 90 percent stop at the end of the first round. So finding mocks that include Washington, whose No. 22 slot in the first round is property of the St. Louis Rams, is a bit of a chore.

The good folks over at Mocking the Draft in their three-round projection answered what we asked this morning before we asked it: Yes, the Redskins should draft a cornerback at No. 51:

Jamar Taylor, CB, Boise State
The Redskins’ secondary will be a priority in this draft. Lucky for them, the depth at cornerback and safety should allow them to make a value pick in the second round.

In the third round, MTD has Washington taking one of several safeties projected to go around pick No. 85. Shamarko Thomas from Syracuse is the projection, not long after Phillip Thomas and Baccari Rambo are off the board, but before Tyrann Mathieu, David Amerson — who is in town today — or J.J. Wilcox are taken. There are also a handful of familiar names, like Marcus Lattimore, Mike Glennon and Travis Kelce, coming off the board shortly after the Redskins pick.

WalterFootball, whose mock draft goes five rounds so far and has been updated today, projects a corner in Round 2 as well.

Darius Slay, CB, Mississippi State
The Redskins signed E.J. Biggers and retained DeAngelo Hall, so they’re okay at cornerback for now. However, Biggers, Hall and Josh Wilson all have expiring contracts in March 2014. Long-term corner help is needed.

Rob Begley, a Yahoo! contributor, went a different direction with the Redskins’ top pick:

Oday Aboushi, tackle, Virginia
The Redskins need to do a better job of protecting Robert Griffin III in order for him to have a lengthy career in the NFL. Aboushi is 6’6, and could play either offensive tackle or guard in the NFL. He may not be an immediate starter, but he truly could be. The Redskins need to do whatever possible to protect their quarterback, and Aboushi has the potential to be outstanding in both pass and run protection. The Redskins do not have a first round pick, so Aboushi is their first pick of the draft.

If you perhaps had plans on accomplishing zero more constructive things today, there’s an easy way to look at a bunch of mock drafts at once. As Redskins fans, I trust you’re familiar with the mock draft database. In it, of the 48 mock drafters who project into the second and beyond, 38 of them have the Redskins taking a cornerback or a safety at pick No. 51.

There’s also Football’s Future mock draft forum, where readers post nothing but mocks, and the Hogs Haven Redskins-centric seven-rounder, if you’re interested. Since many of you have posted Redskins-only mock drafts in the comments, now might be a good time to dig them up and repost them below.

Mock drafts are what they are: Subject to change and highly inaccurate. But man are they fun, especially when it comes to imagining how a college prospect is going to look in your favorite team’s jersey.

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