We’ve got to assume one of the Washington-Dallas games will be pegged to prime time, right? Better it be later in the season, hoping Griffin is healthier. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

Since tonight is one of the NFL fan’s national holidays — schedule-release night — and the Redskins are again one of the most eye-catching franchises in the league, it’s safe to assume they’ll play some nationally-televised Sunday, Monday or Thursday-night games.

We already know who the opponents are. Peruse the list and pick out which ones you think deserve to be under the spotlight:

Washington will host the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers.


The Redskins also will play road games against the Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers and at Dallas, Philadelphia and New York.

Off top, I’d circle one Washington-Dallas game and one Giants-Redskins game for a Monday and a Sunday. The Chip Kelly Eagles might not be very good, but they’ll be a curiosity and perhaps fun to watch. I’m guessing TV lays off them.

The 49ers, Falcons and Packers figure to be among the NFC’s best teams. Fans should be into any one of those matchups in prime time. The 49ers’ defense against a healthy RGIII-led Redskins offense is deserving of the marquee.

But you have to figure the other game we can pencil in for prime time is Washington at Denver, with two media-darling QBs in Peyton Manning and Griffin, and the Shanahan storyline.

Redskins-Cowboys on Thanksgiving was great last year and they should probably just make that one automatic. But if they don’t, how about a Monday nighter at FedEx? Washington has to play a spotlight game at home. So then that probably leaves the Giants for a Sunday night. Although sometimes the TV folks surprise us.

Is three prime time games enough? Eight teams were scheduled for five each at this time last year.

One thing I would expect is for the Redskins’ prime-time appearances to be backloaded, from maybe Week 6 on. TV would probably want to cover their butts in case RGIII can’t start the season healthy, no matter how much everyone says he’s doing great. Late-season prime-time matchups are always a risk, as far as being potential duds. Yet in the Redskins’ case, they could be more exciting late in the year than early.

I’m guessing, and your guesses are as good as mine, so have at it. What am I missing?

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