A common thought on the Redskins, at the moment slated to pick 51st and 85th in the NFL draft that starts Thursday, is that they’ll be able to pick up a player that can challenge for a starting job — perhaps at safety — simply by staying put.

But what if Washington, without a first rounder this year, next and the year after and next year because of the Robert Griffin III trade with the Rams, gave up this year’s No. 51 for a 2014 first-rounder? The general rule of thumb is picks traded in the current year net you a pick one round earlier the following year.

Would the Redskins, who will have salary-cap freedom and ostensibly a healthier star quarterback by then, be willing to take an offer like that? A rookie taken this week would both fill the need in 2013 and be a year further along in his development next season. But the quality of player in the first round could be a cut above what they could get this year, even if the pick ends up being in the 20s somewhere.

It’d be a prudent, long-term move, but it could come at a cost this season. If the Redskins got an offer like that, do you think they should do it?

Reader Old Coach proposed a different scenario to Mike Jones:

If I were the GM — Ha Ha — I would trade this year’s second round pick and next years 3rd round pick and get into the middle of the first round and pick a “great” prospect – safety, corner, whatever.



(1) This year the team is broke

(2) The team has a lot of players but few stars

(3) Next year the team will be able to sign free agents and still have draft choices

I believe the Redskins are about 2-3 “stars away from really winning it all, so I would focus on a corner/safety with my 1st round pick this year and a corner/safety with the 3rd round pick this year, go ILB next year and sign/draft a tackle next year.  Remember – we will probably trade Cousins for a late #1 or #2 next year anyway … even a 3 or a future 1 or 2.


This year I would complete my draft with special teams talent that could grow into great backups – maybe a starter.


(Updated, 1:25 p.m.: The initial blog post suggested that Old Coach and I were discussing the same scenario)

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